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Recent Activities and Seminars

2022 - 2023

28 Sept 23

Annual General Meeting:

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2023 Annual Technical Conference (ATC)

17 June 23

Annual Technical Conference:

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19 April 23

Technology on IAQ and HVAC measurement

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17 Sept 22

Annual General Meeting:

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Annual Technical Conference -


24 Mar 22

Ergonomics and Work Design during the COVID-19 pandemic

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2020 - 2021

25 Sept 21

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Annual Technical Conference -

Keynote Speech:

Risk management in EOSH- What can we do more?

Technical Speech:

1. A pilot study

2. Radon Level

3. OHTA Past Present Future

2018 - 2019

27 April 19

Annual Technical Conference -

Keynote Speech:

1. A Study of Cooking and Indoor Air Quality

2. Self-contamination during doffing of personal protective equipment by healthcare workers to prevent Elbola transmission

Technical Speech:

1. Measurement of Nitrogen Dioxide for the new EPD IAQ Certification Scheme

2. A study of the Knowledge and Attitude of Construction Workers on Silicosis and On-Tool Local Exhaust Ventilation Systems in Hong Kong

3. Sleep duration and sleep quality of patients with pneumocomiosis in Hong Kong

4. Cooling suits to mitigate heat strain of mascot actors in hot summer of Hong Kong

5. Nanomaterial Safety in 3D Printing

6. Incorporating Motivation Factors into the Safety Management System

7. Briefing of Technical Seminar on "Climate Change and the matters of concern for Occupational Hygienists"

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2015 - 2016

28 June 16

Technical Seminar - Radon and Building Materials: Measurements & Safety Standards

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Presentation by Mr. YIP SUNG-tat

29 Feb 16

Technical Seminar - WSH Risk Management Framework & Occupational Hygiene Development in Singapore

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Presentation by Mr. Tan Kia Tang


2013 - 2014

7 Aug 14

Technical Seminar - Protection Strategies for Radon

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Presentation by Mr. YIP SUNG-tat

26 June 14

Technical Seminar - Occupational Hygiene Relevance in Aviation Medicine

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Presentation by Dr. Mandy Ho


2011 - 2012

8 Feb 2012

Technical Seminar - Management of Legionnaires' Disease - A Hong Kong Facility Management Perspective

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2008 - 2009

9 July 09 Round Table on "Updates on Human Swine Influenza - Facts and Strategies on Disease Control & Prevention in Occupational Hygiene Perspectives"
9 May 09 Technical Visit: Daya Bay Nuclear Power Base, Daya Bay, Shenzhen
25 April 09

Occupational Hygiene Technical Conference 2009

  • Environmental Hygiene – A Bioaerosol Perspective. Dr. Arthur Lau, Institute for the Environment, HKUST
  • Workplace ergonomic analysis of work-related musculoskeletal disorders among aircraft cabin cleaners in Hong Kong: An Industrial Athlete Approach. Mr Billy SO, PhD Candidate. Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology, Faculty of Medicine, CUHK
  • Chemical Safety Management System in Kowloon West Cluster Hospitals. Mr YW LAI, Nurse Manager. Central Nurse Division, Kwong Wah Hospital, Hospital Authority
  • Thermal Stress Assessment and Prevention of Heat Stroke. Mr TW TSIN, Senior Occupational Hygienist. Labour Department, HKSAR Government
  • Role of Occupational Hygienists in Supply Chain. Mr Percy MT TO, Health. Safety and Environment Manager. Health, Safety, Environment Office, HKUST
  • Occupational health issues on Radiofrequency Identification (RFID) System. Mr KH LAM, Occupational Hygienist. Labour Department, HKSAR Government
  • Integration of SHE Management System in Construction Industries: Sharing of Local Experience. Ms Maggie Y C Wong, Lecturer. Open University of Hong Kong
  • Program and Abstract
  • Photo album
29 Nov 08 GHS / REACH Seminar jointly organized with OSCH (Photos)
14 Nov 08 Tai Mo Sha Radar Station Technical Visit (Photos)
31 Oct 08 Technical Visit / Organic Solvent Seminar jointly organized with Langgang CDC (Photos)
2007 - 2008

18 Sept 08 2007 - 2008 HKIOEH AGM
June 08 Technical Visit to Kadoorie Farm Botanic Garden (Photos)
June 08 Co-organizer, The 2nd Mainland and Hong Kong Work Injury Prevention and Occupational Rehabilitation Symposium Hunan Province (ABIH 2.0 IH CM Points 08-2460)
5 May 08 Heat Stress Monitoring by Mr TAM Kwong Hung, Scientific Officer, Hong Kong Observatory, HKSAR Government
29 March 08 Technical Conference 2008 Presentation Slides (ABIH 1.0 IH CM Point 08-2121)
14 March 08

" Radiation Protection for Positron Emission Tomography/ Computing Tomography " by Dr. WU Po Man, Senior Physicist, Queen Mary Hospital Jointly organized with Hong Kong Radiation Protection Society
Photo Gallery

29 Nov 07 Design Criteria of Cleanrooms for Hazardous Works by D. Schaedel of DITTEL Cleanroom Engineering (29 November 2007) (ABIH 0.5 IH CM Point 07-4004)
2006 - 2007

20 Sept 07

2006 - 2007 HKIOEH AGM

June 07 Technical visit to sport gears manufacturing factory in Shenzhen
29 June 07 " Working in Confined Space - the Marine Scenario"  by Mr. W.H. Ng Samuel, Shipping Safety Officer, Hong Kong Marine Department.
14 April 07 Technical Conference 2007 Presentation Slides (in pdf)
16 March 07 Laser Safety Management" presented by Mr. Danny Fok in HKIOEH Seminar on 16 March 2007 Jointly organized with Hong Kong Radiation Protection Society
3 March 07 Technical Visit to Hong Kong Observatory
16 Nov 06 Basic Design Principles of Infectious Diseases Containment Facilities" presented by Mr. Tim Lee in HKIOEH Seminar on 16 November 2006
Keynote Speech